Chicken and waffles – an unlikely pairing


I am always interested inslideshow_std_v_Premium-Plates-photo_Chicken__26_waffles_Bacchanal_at_Caesars_Palace new foods. As a potter, I look for the food and pottery connection.  Chicken and waffles are trending in Boston this week, as I found out from my weekly Yelp email.  There are all kinds of textures and flavors going on in this meal! The History Kitchen featured on the PBS blog gives a nice overview of where this combination comes fre pair.  A plate large enough to hold the two together with room for a puddle of warm maple syrup… ” As somebody who has repeatedly enjoyed this improbable creation, I must insist– don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Chicken and waffles are a dynamic culinary duo.” Tory Avey

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