Danish Ceramics Design


Danish Ceramics Design

Danish Ceramic Design comes to the Lacoste Gallery in Concord, Massachusetts this month. It comes in the form of an exhibit commemorating William Hull.

“As Director of the Everson Museum of Art, 1957-1962, Hull oversaw the landmark exhibition The XX Ceramic International. Hull was the Founding Director of the Palmer Museum at Penn State. There in 1981 he curated the seminal U.S. exhibition Danish Ceramic Design. This introduced the American public to the sophisticated art of Danish ceramics and inspired all succeeding shows on the subject.”

The deliberate brushwork creating the flowers on this wheel thrown platter caught my attention and I wanted to know more about it and the exhibit it was in. 

Here’s what I found out…

  •  The Palmer Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University, has the finest collection of European ceramics of any educational institution in the United States.
  •  The Lacoste Gallery exhibit is from January 6-February 10 – more info can be found on their website.
  •  In 1880, a small group of Danish artists began to take an interest in ceramics as a medium for expression. This group of studio potters performed each stage of the ceramic process themselves­ – preparing the clay, mixing glazes, throwing, trimming, glazing, and firing – all tasks that might be performed by different people or machines in an industrial setting.  These are the potters whose work is part of this exhibit.
  • These artists were Modernists. Here are some of their names.. Jais Nielsen, Arne Bang, and Axel Salto and contemporary potters Ulla Hansen, Malene Mullertz, Bente Hansen, Hans Vangsø, and Lis Ehrenreich.
  • The platter that caught my attention is by Anne Fløche and Hans Vangsø

…Art Exhibits present a wonderful opportunity to learn…


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