The Year of the Horse


The Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year is Friday, January 31st and it is the year of the horse. The Chinese say, “A good horse never turns its head to eat the grass behind.” So, look ahead, not back.

Where do you see the “The Horse” in Ceramics?
1. As sculpture~

Chinese craft master Kong Xiangqing created this beautiful porcelain figure.  It symbolizes good luck. Xiangqing works with the famous Jun porcelain, copper red glaze and the famous Kong Family Jun Kiln in Yuzhou, Henan province.  More about Jun...

2. As decoration~

Morris Pottery horse mug
At Morris Pottery in Ogilvie, Minnesota. Paul throws and Denise decorates to make beautiful one of a kind pottery together.  Their work is wood fired or salt glazed stoneware.  More about their work

3. As technique~


Horse hair pottery is created when actual horse hair comes in contact with the hot pot during the firing process. Using a low fire clay that has been burnished and bisque fired, the piece is left unglazed and fired again to a temperature of 1200 degrees. The pot is removed from the hot kiln, horse hair placed on the pot and the design is created as the hair burns leaving carbon black lines.   See more images like this one

Chinese astrology says that the horse is a hero in China because its power and strength won many battles and the year of the horse will bring luck and good fortune.

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