The life of a handmade pot



I like to throw my small bowls off the hump.  The routine of centering, throwing, cutting, and repeating tends to makes my bowls more similar in shape when I do this.  There is no reason to measure because I enjoy making each one as an individual form, but I do know that by repeating the action, I’m training my muscles to make a similar shape.


Finishing a piece means taking the time to trim a nice foot ring.  You know you see a potter shopping for a bowl when they keep flipping the pottery upside down to see the craftsmanship of the artist.


Before starting to glaze, I wax the bottom of my pieces so that there is a clean line where the glaze meets the foot.  Glaze left on the bottom of the piece will stick to the shelf during the firing process and ruin the work.  Waxing is a nice way to make sure your piece’s foot is well marked and clean.


Once the work is complete, the bottoms are sanded so they are smooth and will not to scratch any surfaces.  I hand wash each piece, photograph it, log it into inventory, price it and post it out on all my social media platforms.

Each piece I create is a one of a kind piece – handmade for one who appreciates details and fine craftsmanship. One it is purchased, it begins it’s life as a functioning piece of pottery – hopefully well loved and cared for 🙂


To purchase my pottery, please visit my website at




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