Trips inspire collections ~ Portsmouth, New Hampshire



IMG_9613It was a clear beautiful day in February when I visited the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire with my husband. Having grown up near the water, we enjoy visiting places that remind us of home ~ boats, seaside homes with history, blue ocean, fresh seafood…

IMG_9604We poked our heads into many galleries, asking about artists and their work.  This mug and cup – above and below – really interested me and had the exterior not been rough, I would have purchased them.

IMG_9605Instead I decided that they would define my trip and I began to work on my collection.

IMG_0177Pieces in the Portsmouth Collection are glazed in colors of New England by the water in wintertime. There are four small cups for tasting craft beer poured from a hand carved pitcher.

IMG_0179The tasting cups fit nicely on a hand carved platter.  The platter makes it easy to pass the drink to your guests.

IMG_0164Wheel thrown mugs are embellished with stamps, slip trailing, and then dotted and painted with glazes. Each mug holds 14 oz of a beverage to warm you up on a blustery day.

IMG_0187Mixing and matching pottery from this collection will make a versatile gift for any home or couple celebrating a marrage.  Tasting cups stack nicely. Pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe.  This work will make it’s debut at Potters Place Spring Show and Sale on May 2-4.


2 thoughts on “Trips inspire collections ~ Portsmouth, New Hampshire

  1. Very nice collection. I like the forms and colors and the fit between them all. How do you think about forming a collection? How long will you typically make pieces in this collection? How many of each form do you like to make? I usually don’t see potters making clearly defined collections like this, so I’m intrigued.


    1. As an artist, I process through clay, but I use my camera, my sketchbook and a collage approach to design my collections. This year, I’ve had time to travel and therefore my clay work illustrates that. I work on telling the story and the collection is as large as I need to explore that experience. This Portsmouth collection has a pitcher for filling tasting cups of craft beer and passed on a platter. The mugs hold warm drinks in a shape that deserves a hug. It was a cold day by the water and we stopped for coffee more than once. A serving bowl for a shared meal of salad and warm bread. The surface decoration is reminiscent of the pottery pieces I saw and wanted to purchase. The color of the glaze feels like a day at the ocean in New Hampshire. When someone purchases a piece from any of my collections, I feel that I have shared my story with them. More stories are in the works!


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