Cup Exhibit – #2


In my first blog post about the Cup Exhibit at SAC, I wanted to get the word out about the show before it closed.  (Click here for a quick reread.) Now for a look at a cup that just “blew my mind”.  This porcelain cup by Grace Sheese is titled “Kindergarten Lessons”.

IMG_2980This cup was one of two cups on display by this artist.  I was immediately curious and couldn’t wait to pick it up. When I did, I was rewarded with many surprises. It was a well balanced vessel despite the visible purposeful irregularities. Faceting created soft angles for surface decoration. A “bump out” guided my hand to close around the form in a specific way. Flip it over (as every potter does) and hello pig who has just eaten his veggies? or perhaps they are friends: meat and veg… and that is one of the “Kindergarten Lessons”?

IMG_2982Look inside and follow the colorful lines down into the form. It is contemporary in every way. I wanted to learn more about the maker.

IMG_2984Ceramicist Grace Sheese “makes functional objects that are meant to be touched, held and used everyday.  She strives to make them in such a way that they are not invisible and that they should be noticed, because they can say something new everyday.”

I found another wonderful cup (below) on her website.  Click over to see more of her whimsical work.

5203890_origShe teaches workshops.  The one at Snow Farm in Williamstown, MA called “Storytelling with Pottery” at the end of May looks like one I would love to do.  I’ll add that to my Wish List!


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