Pots on Wheels!


IMG_3152The Museum of Fine Arts hosted a FREE ceramics demonstration on Sunday afternoon. Two ceramic artists were featured: Hannah Niswonger and Hayne Bayless. Both were wonderful demonstrators who had much to share about their craft.  The two together had fun and the feeling in the room was playful and light.


shot glasses by Hayne Bayless

IMG_3157Hannah Niswonger received an MFA in ceramic sculpture from Alfred University in Alfred, New York. She has taught courses in ceramics at Harvard University, MassArt, and others. She exhibits regularly in galleries and juried craft shows, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art Show, the Smithsonian Craft Show and CraftBoston.

IMG_3161Hayne Bayless is a studio potter in Ivoryton, Connecticut. He is self-taught except for a handful of classes and workshops including lessons from a potter in Tokyo when he was 19. He abandoned wheel-throwing early on, preferring the freedom of hand-building afforded by slab-work and extrusions. Mr. Bayless was awarded the top prizes at two of the country’s most important craft shows – the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington, D.C. and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.

IMG_3155The purpose for the demonstration was to promote Pots On Wheels (POW!).

“POW! (Pots On Wheels!) is a collaborative group of functional potters who seek to connect our love of pots with all kinds of people by bringing shows, projects, and collaborations directly to communities in our mobile gallery/project space. We love the culture of the ceramic community, its makers and collectors, but want to want to reach new audiences—young and older audiences and folks who might never before have touched clay, used handmade pots, or have any idea about how pots are made.  A renovated a 17ft step van will reach underserved neighborhoods and settings where space is at a premium and otherwise unavailable. The van will also serve as an educational gallery to exhibit collaborative projects that POW! members engage in with one another, colleagues, students, and communities, as well as be flexible enough to serve as a workshop for specially designed projects.”

IMG_3154The Cup Exchange Event: Every participant had an opportunity to decorate a porcelain tumbler covered with black slip. The cup is then left to be fired and brought to the next POW! event. Participants of this event chose a cup from the last event to take home.
Thanks for a great event!

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