Cup Exhibit – #4


My favorite cup in the Cup Exhibit at the Society of Arts and Crafts was one by Sanam Emami.


Sanam Emami, it turns out, was the curator of the last cup show at SAC.  She has a beautiful website and this is where I found out more about her and her ceramics.

She says: “My pots and tiles are made with a specific intent – a function. Plates, cups and tiles are ubiquitous, recognizable. The vases and their multiple spouts are curious when empty, when filled with flowers their function is revealed. The tile is a background or canvas. The cup provides a counterpoint – the curves and movement of the form interact with the surface pattern and imagery. The parameters of the functional pot simultaneously create boundaries and endless possibilities.

Ideas come from different places; a book, a conversation or a glimpse of something familiar like a favorite historical pot that can seem new, as if seen for the first time. The studio space is where the concepts and inspiration take shape and become tangible and dimensional. The concept of unity with variety is important. For example, combining soft marks and volumes with crisp edges and lines. I am interested in creating contrasting gestures that can coexist within a pot or a tile through mark making, symmetry and repeated patterns.”


a mug by Sanam Emami using some of the design elements as seen on the SAC mug.


a pitcher that shares the flower and leaf imagery found on the SAC cup but in an entirely different manner


detail of the SAC cup with partially glazed handle, multiple layers of surface decoration, and free floating foliage.

I was in fact so taken by her work that I emailed her to tell her how much I loved her work.  Please visit Sanam’s website here where you can subscribe to her newsletter.

Interested in more cups? click here, here and here for past blogs on this subject.

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