DSAG is 5 years old!

sale, shop local

This Saturday, October 1st from 6:00 to 8:00PM the Dedham Square Artist Guild will celebrate their 5 year anniversary.  It is exciting to reach this milestone and a thrill to have been part of the team that got us here!


Join the Dedham Square Artists for an evening of celebration. Purchase local art directly from the artists. Hear the music of Nick Vecchio and the real school of music who will perform throughout the evening.  There will be a raffle!, cake, food and refreshments.


Best of all are the artists: Kerry Hawkins, Gary Koeppel, Cindy Mootz, Fred Smith, Gillian Jackson, Sue Hoy, Rali Weaver, Jill Barry, Barbara Trainer, Zelayna Rauch, Kevin Becker, Matt Miller, Mark Dooley, Wendy Birchmire, Sandrine, Alice Donaldson, Dennis Stein, Gretje Ferguson, Mona Podgursky, and Lisa WB Walker.

What’s new in the gallery from me?


I created a collection of low fire pottery over the summer using Amaco Artist Choice and Opalescent glazes to bring out texture, and  Gare Fun Strokes for creating images by layering glazes on bisqueware. All of my ceramics are food safe and one-of-a-kind wheel thrown and/or handbuilt by me.



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