Apple Blossoms

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The apple blossoms this spring were everywhere… perhaps it was the wacky weather or the fact that spring seemed to take forever to get here, all I know is that everywhere I looked, the flowers were blooming.  The tree in my own front yard brought a smile to my face every time I returned home.


Life inspires art and as I sat down to create new work, the apple blossoms collection began.  Using an actual twig from my tree, assorted hand carved and purchased stamps, I “drew” my clay pictures taking inspiration from shapes of my molds.


Once the clay was bone dry, I used my watercolor underglazes to add color to the images before loading them into the bisque kiln.


Out of the first kiln, the collection was glazed and loaded into the 2nd kiln to add functionality to each piece.  At each stage, the flowers welcomed me and provided a memory that symbolized spring, rebirth, change, peace, beauty and more.


My new collection is currently installed at the Dedham Square Artist Guild.  The work has a wonderful feel and quiet beauty that although functional, stands alone as ceramic art.  There are 6 pieces in this group … 2 small square plates, 2 small oblong trays and 2 larger square plates.  The Guild is open Wednesday – Saturday 12-6, Sunday 11-2 in Dedham Square.

“Nature” – June Artist Challenge – Part 3


“Nature” – June Artist Challenge – Part 3

My platter is glazed and ready to be dropped off at the Dedham Square Artist Guild gallery. This photo is a teaser to get you to the show to see the whole platter! The show is being set up early next week and the reception is Thursday, June 20th from 6-8PM. The “Nature” exhibit will be on display until July 11th

There are 26 artists of all mediums participating in this show to celebrate “Nature”. The reception is in the Dedham Community Theatre, located across the street from the guild gallery on High Street in Dedham Square. ALL WORK IS FOR SALE.

“Nature” – June Artist Challenge – Part 2


I’ve decided on a carved platter for my submission to the June Challenge. After rolling and preparing a slab of stoneware, I collected apple tree blossoms and carved my images into the leather hard clay.

***Opening Reception: June 20th, 6pm to 8pm at the Dedham Community Theater in Dedham Square