Florida Collection 2023

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Traveling always inspires a collection of pottery and this year’s 5 week trip to Florida was filled with stories I wanted to tell in my clay work. Below, are images of just finished work and their inspiration.

I will be selling this new collection at my two sales in May. Join me on May 7th with the Riverdale Pottery Collective in Dedham and on May 13th with the Westwood Artists outside of Decor and More in Westwood. Purchases may also be made by contacting me by email.


Mother Brook Arts Open Studios – April 15 & 16 – Saturday & Sunday – 12-5


I’ll be featuring my 2023 Spring Prelude Collection this weekend at Mother Brook Arts Open Studios in Dedham, MA. Here is a look at what it looks like today.

and a history of how it has evolved over a ten year period.

This collection is my signature work. It is ever changing as I as an artist change. Enjoy the “Prelude” to what’s to come next by seeing where it came from.

Mother Brook Arts Open Studios
Saturday, April 15 & Sunday, April 16
123 High Street, Dedham, MA

Join us in the Ceramics Studio!
Lisa WB Walker, Kymberlee Keckler, Elissa Dunlap, Olivia Rabe,
Jo Soshnick, Knaide Rosenberg, Donna Pioli, Lauren Nauman,
Sue Stein,Diana Garcia, Jennifer Sutherland, Caitlyn Marsh

Westwood Artists Hosts POP UP SHOP

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This Saturday, December 17th, the Westwood Artists host a POP UP SHOP from 10:00AM to 2:00PM at Post Office Plaza, outside of Decor and More, between “Post” Office and “Toast” Office… 695 High Street in Westwood Ma. This is the final sale of 2022 Holiday Season for us and me.

These Westwood Artists will be selling from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Carol Ahearn – Watercolor & Acrylic Painting
Rima Bechara – Walls & More
Karen Flowers Cagan – Photography
Elidi Chan – Watercolor & Gouache Art
Betsy Husted – Felted Ball Garland
Kathleen O’Donnell – Origami Earrings
Lisa WB Walker – Wheel thrown & Hand built Pottery
Kathy Zola – Fiber: Hand knit & Hand woven Items


ICELAND Travel Collection 2022

event, food and pottery, inspiration, New work, sale, shop local, shop small, travel collection

In September, I traveled to Iceland with my husband. Arriving by plane to Reykjavik, we set out by car to see glaciers, black sand, the golden circle, geysers, waterfalls, Icelandic museums and so much more. Below are some of my favorite pieces of wheel thrown and hand built pottery that this trip inspired me to create. Below the artwork are my images of places, color and nature that I used for inspiration. My artwork comes with a story… the pottery that make up this collection is meant to be used, touched and collected to bring joy and beauty to your home and those homes you visit and the people you share meals with. I hope the pieces start conversations at your table.

Where does inspiration come from…

I’ll be selling this collection at my December Pottery Sales. Please click over to my events page for info.

Riverdale Pottery Collective Fall Sale 2022

event, food and pottery, Open Studios Show and Sale, sale, shop local, shop small

Celebrate Artist Sunday and support local artisans at this Sunday’s Fall Sale in Dedham from 1:00-4:00 PM. Artists featured are Nora Bourdeau, John Dorsey, Lisa WB Walker, Gretchen Nash and Kathleen Dorsey. Shop Handmade. Shop Small. Shop Local.

My Florida Travel Collection

event, inspiration, New work, sale, shop local, shop small, westwood artists

In February, I traveled to Florida. Below you will find the inspiration for some of the many pieces I created using wheel-throwing, hand-building, surface decoration and glazes on my one of a kind pottery for a unique Spring Collection. These pieces are now available and for sale to all collectors of beautiful functional handmade pieces of art.

Click here to purchase directly from me. Join me this weekend for a sale with Westwood Artists on Saturday, June 4th from 11-3 at the Senior Center in Westwood, MA.

Westwood Artists Sell ART on Saturday, May 7th

event, sale, shop local, shop small, westwood artists

In their first sale of the season, the Westwood Artists will feature one of a kind artwork from five artists on Saturday, May 7th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm outside of Decor & More located at 695 High Street in Westwood, MA.

Westwood Artists featured at this sale are: Carol Ahearn (watercolor and acrylic painting), Cindy Senerchia (handmade jewelry), Karen Flowers Cagan (Photography), Lexi Jackson (Handmade Jewelry) and Lisa WB Walker (Wheel-thrown Hand-built Pottery)

I will be selling my spring 2022 collection. Have a look at the gallery below for a preview:

All items and more are available to purchase. Click here for more details.

Last sale of the season!

event, sale, shop local, shop small, westwood artists

Westwood Artists host their last sale of the season this Saturday outdoors in Westwood, MA.

Lisa WB Walker wheel thrown & hand built pottery

Westwood Artists ART SALE Saturday, December 11th
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
695 High Street in Westwood
, MA

Carol Ahearn ~ Watercolor and Acrylic Painting
Kathy O’Donnell ~ Origami Earrings
Karen Flowers Cagan ~ Photography
Kathy Zola ~ Fiber
Betsy Husted ~ Hand-crafted felt garlands & wall art
Lisa WB Walker ~ Wheel-thrown and Hand-built Pottery

Shop Small. Shop Locally. Support our amazing Westwood Artists!

Watercolor by Carol Ahearn, Westwood Artist

Travel Collection 2021

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Traveling is a big part of where I find inspiration for my one of a kind wheel thrown and hand built functional pottery. I was able to travel this year to Bermuda in late August. Below are photographs of finished pottery and where ideas have come from. My collections should be seen as one big painting; all the parts together tell the story of the experience.

I’ll be selling this collection at the 7th annual Medfield Stroll on Friday, December 3rd. As one of 40 participating artists juried into this event, I will be situated in the Memorial Public Library, 468 Main Street, Medfield, MA. The event is one day from 4pm to 9pm. The Cultural Alliance of Medfield is organizing this event and very active in promoting the Arts. Click here to find out more about this event and the Alliance.

Upper left image on card is my colorful pottery: Prelude Mugs

Summer Clay 2021

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As a “gig” worker, my summers were jam packed with lots of different classes and workshops where I’ve taught art and clay to students of all ages. Covid changed that for me and so many other instructors. Last summer I chose to teach virtually. It worked well. I learned to adapt. Thinking about summer 2021, I decided to return to in-person teaching. I took one full time job for 8 weeks teaching summer clay to campers grades 1-9. I didn’t make as much money as I could have teaching multiple shorter workshops, but it felt safer for me and safer for my young students, the majority of whom were too young to be vaccinated.

Interacting with new people, making friends, hearing the laughter of children and watching them create was joyful. I became part of a bigger community whose job was to provide a wonderful enriching summer for children in a time when that need could not have been greater. I think we succeeded as I look back on the amazing pottery the kids created…