A Trip to New York City

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Trips inspire new art from a city filled with it: New York City

1. Sara Japanese Pottery 2. Wood fired pottery upper east side 3. Odilon Redon early 1900s 4. Colorful handblown glass vases in a city window 5. Van Gogh 6. Pork buns at Red Barn dim sum, Greenwich Village 7. Van Gogh at The Met 8. Handmade Ceramics in Soho 9. Faceted bowls

Food and Pottery – Week 9



Powisset Farm CSA week nine included summer squashes, heirloom tomatoes, colorful beans and big beautiful sunflowers, plus a delicious blueberry and peach pie!

I find myself completely taken with the colors of the crop!


tomatoes ripening


yellow and purple beans


orange carrots

The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 9 ~ I’m interested in color this week as I begin to create my fall/holiday collection.  In the spring, I transition with plant stakes; in the fall, I transition with ornaments. This snowflake stamp has special meaning to me and I am returning to it using bright colors, many of which I see in the natural landscape at Powessit Farm.


under glaze test tiles


paint tray of ungerglaze


snowflake ornaments

Elm Street School Comemmorative Tile Project – Part Two


Elm Street School Comemmorative Tile Project - Part Two

Today, the students at Elm Street School used under glaze paints to add color and detail to their clay tiles. These tiles will be glazed with a clear glaze and fired in a kiln at Potters Place. Parent volunteers are coming to our studio to help with the glazing. The whole school is really into giving the students this wonderful experience! Next will be the finished tiles that will be … stay tuned for part three…