Gallery Sitting @ Dedham Guild


Gallery Sitting ~ Wednesday, March 27th 12-6 PM

As a member of the Dedham Square Artist Guild, I gallery sit 6 hours each month. Wednesday, March 26th is my day at the Gallery and I can’t wait!

It is a wonderful experience to be in the gallery – my guild! I love to see what members have recently added to their inventory and I look forward to seeing customers.


I will be bringing in pieces from my Spring 2014 collection. This collection was influenced by a family trip to Turks & Caicos. Soft ocean blues and tropical greens work well with peachy tones from the sand. Shell imprints, basket weaves, patterns from the trip embellish the surfaces of plates, dishes, tumblers and bowls.


Mix and match within this collection to create a wedding or birthday gift. Don’t forget Mom this Mother’s Day (May 11th). Pick up a piece for your Easter gathering and leave it for the hostess.


Stop in to say hello today and support our local guild and member artists. Mark your calendars for Thursday’s opening of Wonderland across the street at the Dedham Community Theater from 6-8PM.

Food and Pottery – Week 11



Powisset Farm CSA week eleven included tomatoes – lots of them! in many sizes and shapes, color and taste…

There are cherry, heirloom, tomatillos… in reds, yellows and greens. Eat them right off the vine or with fork and knife.  They are delicious and one of the favorite items at farm stands this time of year.


Tomatoes are picked from the vine and transported in pint and quart containers; larger varieties come home in bags. I set tomatoes on my window sill above my sink to ripen.


Sliced and served with mozzarella cheese and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar is my favorite way to eat them.


Eating them with a dip is second.  They make a colorful presentation!


Baked or roasted in the fall – delicious!


The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 11 ~ A basket for tomato collecting, displaying and storing.

This basket is a larger version of my Easter baskets. It is the final piece of my Farmer’s Bounty collection. I sort my ideas into collections as my way to interpret and understand the world around me. Farmer’s Bounty is a group of work inspired by this summer’s experience at my csa farm as a shareholder. The colors are symbolic of the earth from which the bounty comes from. The pieces make reference to nature. All are functional and evoke the farm to table connection.

Food and Pottery – Week 10



Powisset Farm CSA week ten included tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and arugula – yum!

I made a favorite recipe for a college send off: bread and butter pickles


Bread and Butter Pickles – batch will last long enough to make it through a meal or two 🙂

Slice cucumbers on the diagonal – about 2 lbs

toss with salt and set in a colander to drain for 30 minutes

wash cucumber slices and set in a large shallow bowl

mix 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of cider vinegar together until sugar is dissolved.

Add celery seed and mustard seed – 1 tsp each to sweet syrup

Optional add ins are onions sliced and or celery sliced

Pour syrup over cucumbers so they are submerged in liquid.

Refrigerate overnight – sample in the morning before transferring pickles to smaller jars for storage in your refrigerator


The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 10 ~serve pickles in a favorite bowl from home.


This one was made by a collection of potters during the 50 bowls project at my cooperative studio. I love that so many hands were involved in its creation (including my own!). Knowing  the farmers that grow the vegetables and the maker(s) of the bowl is important to our family and makes the connection personal and the very essence of home.

“Nature” Opening Reception 6-8pm TONIGHT at the Dedham Community Theatre


In addition to the carved platter I’ve written about for the “Nature” exhibit, I have submitted a set of three rectangular vases glazed in the colors i love in nature.

A special exhibition hosted at the Dedham Community Theatre, and in collaboration with Dedham Civic Pride
Opening Reception: June 20th, 6pm to 8pm

“Ahhh, nature! Does being out in nature bring you into balance, inspire you, free you or are you terrified of the creepy crawlies of the natural world? June’s challenge asks artists to explore nature in all its forms…the great outdoors, human nature, nature vs. nurture, the possibilities are endless!! ! It surrounds us every day, no matter where we live or what we do.”

colors of nature


This show will be displayed at the Dedham Community Theater for all to enjoy! 580 High Street, Dedham, MA.

GREEN and “the tower of icicles”


When visiting the new wing of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, one can’t help but be spellbound by the enormous beautiful glass tree. It stands 42-feet high with spiky column of 2,342 pieces of lime green glass. It is described as “a cross between a poplar tree and a cactus”. It was created by glass artist Chihuly.

Pantone says the color of 2013 is EMERALD GREEN, but I’m wild about this lime green and so many other “greens” that I don’t think I’ll be able to stick with just Emerald….

Finding inspiration at MFA Boston (in the gift shop of all places)


Finding inspiration at MFA Boston (in the gift shop of all places)

After viewing exhibits, I had time for a delicious latte at the cafe outside the museum gift shop where I spotted these beauties through the window and needed to go in for a closer look…