“I dream in fire, but I work in clay.” Arthur Machen


We all have wonderful dreams for our pottery that is nurtured by working in a community of other potters. Our imaginations are enhanced by our conversations with one another and seeing the work that keeps blooming in the studio.

There is so much creative energy and talent at Potters Place that we thought it would be fun to have an evening to talk about where we get our ideas. What inspires us?

I brought one of my spinning top vases to discuss…

I started making my “Spinning Tops” a few years ago when my sister in law told me she was getting a divorce. I started thinking about how out of control life can be, managing your own needs, your kids needs, etc.. I had an image of spinning tops floating up into the air, my head spinning and needing to feel grounded and balanced. I throw these vessels on my wheel as a way of creating balance in my own life when it feels out of control. Like outstretched arms and slightly parted feet, they allow for my voice to be released in a calming peaceful shape that continues to circle around and around but stays still because of the “foot”.

If you were to let one go, would it fall to the ground or would it spin up and away taking your cares with it ? I’d like to think it was the later.

Spinning Tops are exclusive to Custom Art Framing located at 45 Central Street in Norwood, MA