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Potters Place is a not for profit pottery school and a cooperative studio for clay artisans. Located in Walpole, Massachusetts, it is interwoven into the community it has called home for over 30 years. Their mission is to spread their love of pottery.  This takes many forms from raising funds through the sale of specific pottery (most recently to benefit the League School art program) to going into schools with clay to enrich the students.


The students who transition from elementary to middle school annually work on a tile project that celebrates their interests and leaves a lasting artifact. Completed tiles are hung on the wall and students are able to stop in and see them years later.

Working with the art teachers, Potters Place instructors provide real clay to students. Showing them ways to make their two dimensional drawings into three dimensional tiles with coils, incising, scratch and attach with slip method, and more.


Adding color with glaze is the second phase where the students add details to their tiles.


Parents are always interested in getting involved in this project.  We welcome them to the Potters Place studio where they put on the final glaze before the tiles go into the kiln.

IMG_0108 (1)

When the tiles are finished, Potters Place delivers them to the school and they are framed and hung on the wall.  The students are thrilled to see their very own tiles for years to come!


Find out more about Potters Place in Walpole, MA by clicking over to the webpage at


Elm Street School Comemmorative Tile Project – Part Two


Elm Street School Comemmorative Tile Project - Part Two

Today, the students at Elm Street School used under glaze paints to add color and detail to their clay tiles. These tiles will be glazed with a clear glaze and fired in a kiln at Potters Place. Parent volunteers are coming to our studio to help with the glazing. The whole school is really into giving the students this wonderful experience! Next will be the finished tiles that will be … stay tuned for part three…

Elm Street School Commemorative Tile Project – Part One


Elm Street School Commemorative Tile Project - Part One

Potters Place is a not for profit school and cooperative studio. Our mission statement encourages member artists to look for ways to share their love of clay with the surrounding communities. Today, Sue Brum and I visited the Elm Street School and worked with eighty! 5th grade students, their teacher and parent volunteers. We demonstrated how to translate the students’ two-dimensional drawings into three dimensional clay tiles. The tile pictured is just one of the tiles the students created today while learning clay techniques. Next week, these tiles will be dry and ready to be painted by the students…. part two…