Food and Pottery – Week 8


Food and Pottery - Week 8

Powisset Farm CSA week eight included beets, basil, tomatoes and sunflowers!

“The sunflower is an annual plant native to the Americas. It … is often used to depict the sun. The plant has a rough, hairy stem, broad, coarsely toothed, rough leaves, and circular flower heads. The heads consist of many individual flowers which mature into seeds, often in the hundreds, on a receptacle base.”

Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh OSA431

Many artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh (painting above) loved the image of the sunflower.

The sunflower is the state flower of Kansas and the national flower of the Ukraine.

It is also the symbol of the vegan society. A “Vegan” is a person who chooses to avoid eating animals or anything associated with them like eggs and dairy.


The top selling cookbook for Vegan recipes is “Veganomicon” There is even a recipe for Sunflower Mac and Cheese (really!).

The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 8 ~ I’m interested in the flowers this week not so much the sunflower recipes; therefore my connection is the vase in which the beautiful flowers go into.  Functional pottery created to bring beauty to everyday life.


Pie Share #4 beet and carrot (the best yet!). Pie and a handmade vase full of farm fresh flowers makes the perfect pairing.

Food and Pottery – Week 7


Food and Pottery - Week 7

Powisset Farm CSA week seven included onions, beets, carrots, cucumbers and flowers!

The garden is full of rows of flowers ready to bloom! Each week from now through fall, every distribution will include a bouquet.


Herbs are for sharing and just as pretty as the flower garden…


The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 7 ~

Pie Share #3 Cherry Clafoutis Pie and a handmade vase full of farm fresh flowers..


Food and Pottery – Week 5


Food and Pottery - Week 5

Powisset Farm CSA week five included swiss chard, onions, carrots and cabbage!! AND Pie share #2 – savory!

This week’s savory pie is…Swiss chard, scallion, and goat cheese. (pictured above) by Bushel and Crumb!


“This week’s savory pie features beautiful produce from one of our partner farms, Powisset Farm in Dover.  Powisset is a CSA farm run by the non-profit Trustees of the Reservations. “


Swiss Chard in the Powisset Farm fields… mmmmm!

The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 5 ~

Serve a slice of savory pie on my hand-built oblong plate with matching mug for a handmade pairing.


Food and Pottery – Week 3



Powisset Farm CSA week three included carrots, spinach, and two pints of fresh strawberries!!

It was also the first distribution of my pie share….

Bushel + Crumb offers local food enthusiasts a monthly subscription of savory and sweet pies delivered to the farm where you pick up your CSA share. Bushel + Crumb pies feature the highest quality, locally grown fruits, vegetables, dairy, and grains.

“Our pies are an opportunity to deepen your commitment to local food in a delicious and convenient way. If you value the quality, care, and flavor of sustainably grown foods; if you love a shared family meal, but don’t have time to prepare one every night; if you believe in purity of ingredients and the joy of a healthful indulgence, Bushel + Crumb is for you!”

Pie flavors and ingredients change with the season and reflect the freshest fruits and vegetables available. A season’s subscription provides 1 pie every other week for 18 weeks (June-October) and will alternate between sweet and savory pies (9 pies total).


This week’s pie only has a few ingredients. It’s pretty much a full-on celebration of strawberries. Many of the ingredients  used come from the two farm partners, Brookwood Community Farm and Powisset Farm (photos above were taken at Powisset Farm in Dover, MA).


This is Fresh Strawberry Balsamic with Black Pepper Pie handmade by Bushel and Crumb… a small pie – yum!

The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 3 ~

Those bakers washed loads of strawberries for this pie share.  I suggest a handmade berry bowl for your wash and serve! Email me if you would like a berry bowl as I only create these by commission; please allow 6-8 weeks for your handmade piece.