Food and Pottery – Week 11



Powisset Farm CSA week eleven included tomatoes – lots of them! in many sizes and shapes, color and taste…

There are cherry, heirloom, tomatillos… in reds, yellows and greens. Eat them right off the vine or with fork and knife.  They are delicious and one of the favorite items at farm stands this time of year.


Tomatoes are picked from the vine and transported in pint and quart containers; larger varieties come home in bags. I set tomatoes on my window sill above my sink to ripen.


Sliced and served with mozzarella cheese and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar is my favorite way to eat them.


Eating them with a dip is second.  They make a colorful presentation!


Baked or roasted in the fall – delicious!


The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 11 ~ A basket for tomato collecting, displaying and storing.

This basket is a larger version of my Easter baskets. It is the final piece of my Farmer’s Bounty collection. I sort my ideas into collections as my way to interpret and understand the world around me. Farmer’s Bounty is a group of work inspired by this summer’s experience at my csa farm as a shareholder. The colors are symbolic of the earth from which the bounty comes from. The pieces make reference to nature. All are functional and evoke the farm to table connection.

Food and Pottery – Week 10



Powisset Farm CSA week ten included tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and arugula – yum!

I made a favorite recipe for a college send off: bread and butter pickles


Bread and Butter Pickles – batch will last long enough to make it through a meal or two 🙂

Slice cucumbers on the diagonal – about 2 lbs

toss with salt and set in a colander to drain for 30 minutes

wash cucumber slices and set in a large shallow bowl

mix 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of cider vinegar together until sugar is dissolved.

Add celery seed and mustard seed – 1 tsp each to sweet syrup

Optional add ins are onions sliced and or celery sliced

Pour syrup over cucumbers so they are submerged in liquid.

Refrigerate overnight – sample in the morning before transferring pickles to smaller jars for storage in your refrigerator


The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 10 ~serve pickles in a favorite bowl from home.


This one was made by a collection of potters during the 50 bowls project at my cooperative studio. I love that so many hands were involved in its creation (including my own!). Knowing  the farmers that grow the vegetables and the maker(s) of the bowl is important to our family and makes the connection personal and the very essence of home.

Food and Pottery – Week 9



Powisset Farm CSA week nine included summer squashes, heirloom tomatoes, colorful beans and big beautiful sunflowers, plus a delicious blueberry and peach pie!

I find myself completely taken with the colors of the crop!


tomatoes ripening


yellow and purple beans


orange carrots

The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 9 ~ I’m interested in color this week as I begin to create my fall/holiday collection.  In the spring, I transition with plant stakes; in the fall, I transition with ornaments. This snowflake stamp has special meaning to me and I am returning to it using bright colors, many of which I see in the natural landscape at Powessit Farm.


under glaze test tiles


paint tray of ungerglaze


snowflake ornaments

Food and Pottery – Week 6



Powisset Farm CSA week six included beans, potatoes, zucchini and cucumbers. AND a visit with the local fish vendor, Jordan Brothers Seafood.

Each week, I treat our family to fresh fish purchased at the farm. I always ask, “What’s best this week?” and I have never been less than spellbound when I eat that fish for dinner. This week’s fish choice… scallops.


Jordan Brothers Seafood is a family run business out of Brockton. They sell at other local markets (Dedham on Wednesday; Dover on Tuesday and Saturday), making it easy to purchase fresh local fish close to home. Always polite and knowledgeable, having them at Powessit Farm is a real treat!


To go with my scallops, I picked yellow and green beans from the field and blanched them to retain that little bit of crunch.

The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 6 ~

Serve your local fish and veg on a handmade pottery plate. These two hang on the wall at Isabella Restaurant in Dedham, Ma as part of Dedham Square Artist Guild roving gallery. BUT they are for sale and can be purchased right off the wall (so to speak 🙂 )


Pick one up for you and your dining companion!


Food and Pottery – Week 5


Food and Pottery - Week 5

Powisset Farm CSA week five included swiss chard, onions, carrots and cabbage!! AND Pie share #2 – savory!

This week’s savory pie is…Swiss chard, scallion, and goat cheese. (pictured above) by Bushel and Crumb!


“This week’s savory pie features beautiful produce from one of our partner farms, Powisset Farm in Dover.  Powisset is a CSA farm run by the non-profit Trustees of the Reservations. “


Swiss Chard in the Powisset Farm fields… mmmmm!

The Food and Pottery Connection for Week 5 ~

Serve a slice of savory pie on my hand-built oblong plate with matching mug for a handmade pairing.