Trips inspire collections ~ Portsmouth, New Hampshire



IMG_9613It was a clear beautiful day in February when I visited the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire with my husband. Having grown up near the water, we enjoy visiting places that remind us of home ~ boats, seaside homes with history, blue ocean, fresh seafood…

IMG_9604We poked our heads into many galleries, asking about artists and their work.  This mug and cup – above and below – really interested me and had the exterior not been rough, I would have purchased them.

IMG_9605Instead I decided that they would define my trip and I began to work on my collection.

IMG_0177Pieces in the Portsmouth Collection are glazed in colors of New England by the water in wintertime. There are four small cups for tasting craft beer poured from a hand carved pitcher.

IMG_0179The tasting cups fit nicely on a hand carved platter.  The platter makes it easy to pass the drink to your guests.

IMG_0164Wheel thrown mugs are embellished with stamps, slip trailing, and then dotted and painted with glazes. Each mug holds 14 oz of a beverage to warm you up on a blustery day.

IMG_0187Mixing and matching pottery from this collection will make a versatile gift for any home or couple celebrating a marrage.  Tasting cups stack nicely. Pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe.  This work will make it’s debut at Potters Place Spring Show and Sale on May 2-4.


Trips inspire collections ~ Turks and Caicos


IMG_9639IMG_9349 My spring collection of pottery is inspired by a trip I took with my family to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

I took a lot of photos of my surroundings, things that interested me. Like this painting (below) in the lobby of our hotel.

When I returned home, I printed out the photos and added them to my sketchbook.


Making notes and working through the pictures, I decide how best to tell the story of my trip through a collection of pottery.

The painting influenced the first pieces that I made – the Turks and Caicos square plates (above).



This oblong dish (left) is slip trailed with blue engobe on a white clay.  The glaze is a peachy color and changes the blue slip to blue green.

IMG_9228This design was inspired by the fabric upholstered on the two big couches facing each other in the hotel lobby.

The couches were comfy and welcoming. Right near these couches was a water cooler filled with lemon slices that I stopped at each time I passed through the lobby.


Turks and Caicos is known for their baskets.  I purchased a small covered one that is now filled with shells collected on the beach.


The basket weave was a pattern that I wanted to dominate my collection to give a nod to the local handcraft of basket making so I created square dishes, oblong trays and tea bag dishes all utilizing the pattern.



Square plates with a white slip trailed design on blue engobe were inspired by the pattern I found on a vent throughout the resort. It gave me  a wonderful repeating pattern to play with.




In my sketchbook there are drawings and photo paste ups of the sand and the blue green water.  The collection is fun and light just as the trip itself was.  I hope I’m lucky enough to go back some day.


Turks and Caicos Collection is currently for sale at the Dedham Square Artist Guild located at 553 High Street, Dedham, MA.  All the work pictured in this blog is available and for sale.