“THINK BIG”, a Dedham Square Artist Guild sponsored art exhibit opens with a reception at the Dedham Community Theatre from 6-8PM on Thursday, November 14th.

Artists across eastern Massachusetts created 14 supersized works of at least 24 inches in different mediums that will be on display from Nov. 14 through January 2 at the Dedham Community Theatre on High Street.

About my piece:
My “BIG” vase was made in porcelain while I was studying art at Skidmore College. It was the last time that I had the opportunity to fire my work in a large reduction kiln. This type of firing uses gas and that is what produces these beautiful copper reds. The surface decoration feels very holiday to me with its reds and greens. I imagine this vase filled with an arrangement of red roses and white lilies, holly with tiny red berries, pine and perhaps ivy for a glorious centerpiece.

It’s functional pottery created to bring beauty to everyday life.

To purchase this one of a kind wheel thrown ceramic vase, please visit the Dedham Square Artist Guild gallery for details or stop by the reception this Thursday.

This beautiful photograph of my vase was taken by Kerry Hawkins. Please visit her website to see the wonderful images she captures with her camera.

Spinning Top Series – a Custom Art Framing & Gallery 9 exclusive


Spinning Top Series - a Custom Art Framing & Gallery 9 exclusive

Transitions are difficult for me. I find myself all over the place, literally and figuratively. I’m wound up and then my feet hit the ground and I’m spinning off in all directions like a toy top. September is always a time when transitions seem to be happening all the time… school, schedules, seasonal changes and a time when I have to kick it into high gear to produce work for fall and holiday sales.

This is how the “Spinning Top” work came to be.

spinning tops series fall 2013

Sitting on my potters wheel and spinning is a very soothing act to me. I”m centering the clay and myself at the same time. Feeling the wet clay in my hands must be how a gardener or farmer feels when they sink their hands into the warm dirt on a summer morning… bliss and wonder.

spinning tops



trimmed and ready for bisque firing


glazed and ready for the electric kiln


sanded, washed and priced – ready for delivery to the gallery

Spinning Top series are exclusive to Custom Art Framing & Gallery 9 located at 45 Central Street in downtown Norwood, MA. They are open Monday through Saturday with evening events on the first Friday of each month.